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USAG Junior Olympic and XCEL Girls Team


At New Hope Gymnastics we develop gymnasts at all levels. Our dedicated and experienced coaching staff makes sure the athletes maximize their potential. At our state-of-the-art facility, you’ll have access to all the equipment and resources you need to practice your skills and prepare you for the next level of competition. New Hope Gymnastics offers an XCEL program, from Bronze through Platinum and the Junior Olympic track Level 2 - 10. New Hope provides opportunities to qualify for the USAG National Team, get international assignments, or assist in achieving College Team opportunities after high school graduation.


Training hours and time vary by level and are relative to the gymnasts abilities. XCEL train 2-3 days a week 2-2.5 hours a day. Level 2 through 5 train 3 days a week up to 3 hours each workout. Level 6-10 train up to 4 days a week at a maximum of 16 hours a week. The coaches at New Hope believe in quality workouts and healthy social interaction in and out of the gym, and time to maintain good grades in school. Please call our Girls Program Director at 714.556.8050 for more information.

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