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Gym Policies

Trial Lesson

If your child has never been a student at New Hope Academy, we invite you to sign up for a FREE trial class! This is a “no cost,” “no obligation” opportunity for your child to discover the fun and fitness that gymnastics provides. Just call the office—with some basic information, we will find the right class for you and your child.

After taking a trial, simply notify the Office whether or not you would like to enroll!  We only hold the trial spot for 48 hours so you must let the office know right away if you would like to enroll in that same spot.



There is a $25 registration fee due at sign-up. This fee is a one-time charge (not an annual fee) as long as your child is enrolled. Additionally, should your child have to take a short time off from his/her class, when he/she returns, you will not be subject to the registration fee unless he/she had been gone for twelve months or longer OR if you failed to give the office the required 2 weeks notice when dropping.



Our classes are based on continual enrollment with tuition due monthly on the 22nd of every month for the following session. Students may start classes at any time during the session. When a student enrolls after the beginning of a session, tuition will be prorated based on start date.

Should a student need to drop a class for any reason, notice must be provided to the office 2-weeks prior to drop date. In the case of a drop, tuition will be prorated based on the 2-week notice date however, no refunds can be given after the first class of each session.


Make-Up Classes

Our “make-up policy” is extremely generous when compared to other gymnastics academies. We encourage students to attend their regular class as often as possible to provide for the best learning environment. However, we understand that life can be very unpredictable…and we want to be able to accommodate as many of your life upsets and variances as possible. So that we can continue this valuable service for our students and their families, we require that you follow some simple rules:

  • “Excused absences” must be called into the Office 48-hours in advance of the absence. Notification may be left on our answering system which time and date stamps all messages.

  • Students with an “excused absence” will be provided a make-up class subject to class availability.

  • Effective January 1. 2014, students will be allowed  a maximum of one (1) “excused absence” per month.

  • “Make-up” classes must be arranged through the Office. They cannot be scheduled more than seven (7) days in advance and cannot be rescheduled once scheduled. Furthermore, “excused absences” must be used within 30 days of absence and while currently enrolled.

  • “Emergency absences” (illness, etc.) will be allowed make-up time during an Open Gym session (subject to availability, on Saturdays from 1:30 to 3:30)…provided the office is notified of the absence prior to the start of class.

  • Exceptions may be made by the Office based on circumstance and student/family absence history.

  • Habitual absences are extremely disruptive to student learning/progress and undermine class dynamics. Regular, multiple absences also create a tremendous administrative expense. So, in the best interests of all New Hope Academy students, in most cases, individual students are allowed a maximum average of one “excused absence” per month. In cases of extreme number of absences, make-ups can be limited or the student asked to find a different class day or time.

  • There are no make-ups for team workout times.

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