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Distance Learning Assistance Program

At our New Hope Distance Learning Program students will select from the school or school districts E-learning platform or an online public school. The New Hope Distance Learning Program is a self guided virtual education option for students who are motivated and ready to learn! Parents manage their child's curricular selection and New Hope staff are the support system and oversight during the day to get things done! We are offering this option for students from 1st - 12th grade. The first day of your class, please see the office for your Handbook and sign the authorization.


We offer this program Mon-Fri from 8am - 2pm. We will provide access to the gym for recess time as well as after care from 2pm-4pm for an additional fee if needed. Please pack snacks and a sack lunch for your child.


The cost is $200 per week. $47 per day if you choose to only cover some days.
Aftercare is $3.50 per 30 min.

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