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Unlimited Classes

Sign up for your primary class  on IclassPro or through the Parent Login on top of the page and pay through the shopping cart.


 In our system Iclasspro, you will be given "make-up tokens"  each week to apply to additional free classes for the month of July and August.

(This promotion does not pertain to Team or Summer Camp)

To add additional classes, please use your IclassPro app, or the log into the Parent Login on

How to add additional free classes:

a. Go to "Account" 

b. In your account click on "Make-Ups"

c. Click on "use token"

d. It will show classes

e. Select date at the top and class desired

f. It will show class details

g. Click on "use token" on top

h. It will confirm if class is available and child is enrolled for that day at the bottom

To verify, go to account, click on "enrollment" and you will see a list of your classes. Your primary class will show as "active", all added classes will show as "make-up."

Please make sure to add classes weekly. Make up tokens are issued on Saturdays for the following week and expire weekly.

If you need assistance please call us.

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